Help me find a perfect and old game!!?
2013-11-24 20:11:36 UTC
I'm kinda tired at how my computer can't afford to run games that come out today. So I was thinking, why not try some old pc games?? Here are my criteria of an good game.

Absolutely needed

1. Action genre(preferably not turn based, unless it's too fun to be true)

2. I can do a lot of things, which means the content should not only include action but also things like crafting, talking etc...

3. should be able to be played for a short time(say 30 minutes) and I should be satisfied. This doesn't mean that it should not be a adventure game, I just wish my games doesn't take 3 minutes to start, and takes 5 minutes to listen to what NPC is talking etc etc...

Would be great if it's there

1. mind-blowing story

2. I don't know if it exists, but I'd like my choices or result of my gameplay has consequence on gaming world

3. simple but pretty graphics like snes games(don't recommend link to the past, I have already played it)

Four answers:
2013-11-25 07:57:47 UTC
Try Fable: the Lost Chapters
2013-11-25 02:37:07 UTC
"The suffering ties that bind" is a action packed game. Plus it has it calm moments time to time too. It has two ending depending on what choices you will do throughout the game like staying good or bad. Than there is Far Cry 1 it runs nearly on any computer that has at least 32mb video card, Maybe you will also like Monolith Games like Blood 2 The Chosen One, all you do is shoot all the time. Than FEAR 1 is descent action mystique game runs smoothly even on intel 945GM chipset. Last you could try those modern pixel games like AVGN Adventures games like that do not have much requirements.
2013-11-25 00:19:49 UTC
I would suggest the Assassin's Creed series. It has a great storyline and great graphics. The first game of the series is quite repetitive but very amusing and addictive. But I assure you, the second game will be when the games start to become really fun.
2013-11-24 23:41:59 UTC
Well if you have Windows XP or something closeby, I would suggest getting your hands on Diablo and Diablo 2. I played the crap out of those games. Here is why:

1. You get to create/customize your character to your playing style.

2. The story is still pretty good for such an old game.

3. The action is intense enough to keep you on the edge of your seat without being ridiculous.

4. No game is the same. Every time you make a new game, the dungeons you crawl in alone or with a henchmen/friend it will change.

5. It's very satisfying killing demons, and there are an unlimited supply pf them.

6. There are several items for you to collect, such as items and weapons that will make you very powerful and spells that you can use to destroy your enemies. Items are completely randomized so there's a small chance that you'll find two of the same item.

It seems to be what you're looking for so I hope this helps. Good luck!

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