Should I buy the upcoming xbox 360 games or wait until the xbox one is released?
2013-08-09 16:43:27 UTC
I want to buy GTA V (September 17th) and NBA 2k14 (October 1st) for xbox 360 but with the new xbox one being released at the end of the year which I am getting between Christmas and May. Should I go ahead and buy the games for 360 or wait until the xbox one comes out and buy the games for that console?
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2013-08-10 11:21:16 UTC
I would suggest those games which are going to be available on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms wait for them and do not get them yet on Xbox 360 however those games who are not coming out on Xbox One go and get them. GTA V is expected to be a very good game so go for it and so far it has not been announced on Xbox One platform so you can get it. Here is a list to compare which games are going to be available on Xbox One.

I am not entirely sure but i think there might be a difference in graphic on Xbox One version of game and 350 version of game. However It is not a surety until the next gen console is released but it is expected to be like that because Xbox One can support far better graphics than Xbox 360. So it is better to wait and check those games who are available on both consoles.
2013-08-09 19:08:50 UTC
Buy GTA V for Xbox 360, wait for Xbox One to come out, get it, then get 2K14 with it.
2013-08-09 17:18:11 UTC
Get them on 360 (gta v is current gen only) then get a ps4

Do not get an xbox one unless you want to be screwed.

Even with their 180 on the policies its being done via post release update so you know they will unpatch it once they get the peoples money.
2013-08-09 16:52:32 UTC
360 is better than 1 and games coming out like theif, batman and a few others that are going to be REALLY good are only for 360 so id keep 360
2013-08-09 16:44:50 UTC
Gtav will be the best game of the generation

Dont miss out
2013-08-09 18:28:01 UTC
yes, buy the games. especially gta v because it is NOT coming to next gen.
2013-08-09 16:45:34 UTC
Well since the ps4 has proven its self to be alot better id say you should get the ps4

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