Does a game exist that has all WoW has but is free to play?
2012-12-15 05:27:28 UTC
I have played World of Warcraft for years but a change in circumstances means that i can't pay to play anymore. So I am trying to find a free to play game that has all that WoW does and is just as good, does such a game exist?
I don't like Runescape, I have tried runes of magic and its just not as good.
The aspects I like of WoW are the open world, the auction house, the freeness to do what ever you please be it questing, dungeons, raids, pvp, crafting etc. I am not a big PVPer and prefer PVE but I do like the option to PVP now and then when I feel like a change. I like the graphics of wow so would like similar or better looking but definitely nothing worse, I find it hard to get in to games with poor looking low end graphics.
So any ideas??
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2012-12-15 05:30:22 UTC
EverQuest maybe, also Guild Wars 2 isn't free
2012-12-15 05:28:34 UTC
GUILD WARS 2! This isn't only everything you'd want from an mmo but its also free! And the graphics are stunning!

It has everything you're looking for - the open world, auction house, the freeness to do what ever you please be it questing, dungeons, raids, pvp, crafting etc
the man
2012-12-15 07:26:42 UTC
WELL just fyi WoW Private servers are a good start if you do not wish to pay to play google it and look to see what comes up there are hundreds of private servers with different agendas some pvp and off pve some mainly pve which ones are called blizzlike. Get interested in it enough you too can start your very own private server for WoW. Many of the private servers have all kinds of Creative self content made by script kiddies and very skilled ones that make special bosses,events,even completely custom areas and dungeon along with gear. So in terms sometimes you just don't need help clearing a dungeon in some private servers and you can do it all solo.
2012-12-16 01:57:45 UTC
I agree with the guy that said Guild Wars 2, I finally decided to get it about a week ago, and up until now I find it awesome. It isn't completely free, you have to pay, but only once. You don't have to keep paying for membership afterwards.
2016-05-18 15:36:48 UTC
I really have a lot of fun playing eRepublik! Maybe you like it too! It's a free game that simulates a life full of social interactions, where you fight, you have companies, you are part of groups. Millions of people all around the world are playing simultaneously. You also meet many interesting friends! Try it!
2012-12-15 06:13:26 UTC
Lord of the Rings online is free and so is Star Wars: The Old Republic now.
2014-08-28 06:07:39 UTC

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Try it out
2012-12-15 05:44:42 UTC

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