Second life login issues *Support tickets aren't working for me, I'm not getting a response*?
Meshif Callentius
2009-08-24 21:01:59 UTC
Alright, heres whats been happening so far. I know this seems odd to ask on yahoo answers, but, it's helped me before. Now, my problem is that I can't log in to second life, for the simple fact that it won't log me OUT. I'm stuck, somehow, on the grid, and I can't remove myself, and neither can Linden Labs. They tried a region restart, even, to try and remove me, but it won't work. I'm thinking I might have gotten my account stolen, but, I'm not sure. The error I keep getting is "Login Failed. The system is logging you out right now. Your account will not be available until (insert date and time here). I've tried using the clear cache option and logging on at the specified regions that Linden Labs suggested *Aqua and Pooley* but, they only worked twice, and now that doesn't work anymore. I can't log my av out for some strange reason, and I'm getting a bit worried. I put quite a lot of money into that game, and I don't want to lose what I have on my avatar. is there anyone out there that has had the same problem, or might be able to help me out?
Three answers:
2009-08-26 09:05:23 UTC
here is what you can do,

try and delete the program and log onwith a newly installed one. it is a linden lab's problem actually. your av is all codes and somehow, you av has hung like a program. if that doesn work, make linden lab do their job and fix it or pay you what you have invested back. They will work double time to get it fixed.
Henry B
2009-08-24 21:19:53 UTC
How about this.Create a new avatar with a new name and password.Basically another account.Now if you can connect to your old avatar just long enough to transfer all your linden's to you new avatar.I don't know what else to recommend.It seems like your in limbo.Also try connecting from another computer.If you delete the game in add or remove programs you will not disappear on SL.You'll still be there when you reinstall.You'll just have to type in your old password.If you have a friend on SL they could search for you and see what your status is and where you are.Good luck. If there's anything I can do to help let in know.
2017-01-21 15:58:01 UTC
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